The madness continues

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Ladies and gents it would appear that I have received my first piece of hate mail! I know, I couldn’t be more proud of myself. It’s like they say “you’re nobody u til someone hates you” or some shit like that. What makes it really special is that it was in response to my post on how much and why I hate the Amish! Now the prick couldn’t have been amish because then they would have been the shittiest Amish ever or they were some kind of nefarious Amish sympathizer in which case they will need to be eliminated along with the Amish when the great tech war breaks out.

To catch you up on to the absence of posts is I have a couple of important house guests that are sharing my cave until they can get a foothold into the film industry and when they do we all will be whisked off to the magic land of hollywood and I’ll make a movie about how much the amish suck ass. Peace out to the fans and deuces to muh haterz! Lolz!!!


And now for something completely different yet the same.

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So in order to satisfy your insatiable appetite for my musings I’m going to start posting mini updates! Yay! I know right you’re so fucking excited. I know I am this means I can totally fuck off and then throw up what amounts to a really long Facebook status and you all wont feel neglected. Seriously though this gives me a way to let you all know I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. Ok now go back to your porn and Facebook stalking. Peace out.

Now Its Time To Pick On Those Who Will Never Know.

•January 3, 2012 • 2 Comments

Ladies and Gents I think it is high time I addressed an issue that drives me absolutely insane with unbridled rage. I am talking about close mindedness to the point of ridiculousness, I’m talking about fear born out of ignorance, I’m talking about blind adherence to a religion that forces a person to dress like little house on the fucking prairie! Oh you know what I am talking about, I am talking about the mother fucking AMISH!

Look at these assholes, fucking think they own the road and shit.

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Oops, I did it again. ( and I,m not as hot as Britney)

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Looks like I went and forgot to update… again… shocker. Well fuck it I happen to have got busy, what with life and learning and…. oh who am I kidding I got fucking Skyrim and that game just kicked the living shit out of my life. I mean come on! You get to fight dragons and eat their souls so you can power crazy magic shouts! That’s just a  recipe for becoming a shut in. 


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It was bound to happen sooner or later, no someone didn’t punch me in the face for being such an ass nor was I accosted by the man for spewing forth my vitriolic call for violence against the government. No, today I totally ate shit while kicking ass on my sweet Razor A5 lux. That’s right I wrecked whilst scooting about on my scooter and boy did that shit hurt.

This is what it was like in my mind...minus the skinny jeans.


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Revolution, You’re Doing It Wrong.

•October 30, 2011 • 2 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen I told you I would write again on the subject of the recent non violent protests taking place around the united states and tonight I am going to voice my opinion, nay! I shall put forth my very own manifesto for change. It will be a call to action that will come as a whisper in the dark that will I hope light a spark of dissent in the hearts of all American citizens so that they will shrug off this mantle of apathy and oppression and demand change in the only way those corrupt officials will recognize and respect.

It was good enough for our fore fathers then it's good enough for me.

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So You Say You Want A Revolution?

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Ladies and Gentlemen do not be afraid this isn’t the end of the world! I am indeed back to blogging. I have been a busy man what with returning to my beloved home state and being accepted into a 4 year university so I haven’t had the free time to vent my spleen as much as I would like but recent events have driven me to such extremes that I must shout out into the wilds of the internets in hopes that someone hears.

This is almost like the internet except more steppy and no trolls.

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