Oops, I did it again. ( and I,m not as hot as Britney)

Looks like I went and forgot to update… again… shocker. Well fuck it I happen to have got busy, what with life and learning and…. oh who am I kidding I got fucking Skyrim and that game just kicked the living shit out of my life. I mean come on! You get to fight dragons and eat their souls so you can power crazy magic shouts! That’s just a  recipe for becoming a shut in. 


So after playing the shit out of Skyrim I came to two conclusions. One: This game is incredibly fucking long and Two: I have other things to do. So I am going to severely scale back my playing of Skyrim which will last about a couple of months until I forget how tedious it can be and how under powered the magic is and I go running back to its nordic fantasy land hills. However while I have those precious months I guess I will return to blogging on a somewhat regular basis and seeing as I have the WordPress app there is no excuse for my lazy ass anymore. So in between my games of Words With Friends™ and checking my Facebook for the hundredth time that day I guess I could crank out a blog or two about a couple of things I hate like hippies, the Amish, people who freak out about genetically modified foods and immunizations, the occupy movement, and finally NASA ( I hate you so much NASA). Thanks for sticking around kids I won’t let you down, well purposefully.


~ by AmadeusKong on December 28, 2011.

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