The madness continues

Ladies and gents it would appear that I have received my first piece of hate mail! I know, I couldn’t be more proud of myself. It’s like they say “you’re nobody u til someone hates you” or some shit like that. What makes it really special is that it was in response to my post on how much and why I hate the Amish! Now the prick couldn’t have been amish because then they would have been the shittiest Amish ever or they were some kind of nefarious Amish sympathizer in which case they will need to be eliminated along with the Amish when the great tech war breaks out.

To catch you up on to the absence of posts is I have a couple of important house guests that are sharing my cave until they can get a foothold into the film industry and when they do we all will be whisked off to the magic land of hollywood and I’ll make a movie about how much the amish suck ass. Peace out to the fans and deuces to muh haterz! Lolz!!!


~ by AmadeusKong on January 14, 2012.

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