Now Its Time To Pick On Those Who Will Never Know.

Ladies and Gents I think it is high time I addressed an issue that drives me absolutely insane with unbridled rage. I am talking about close mindedness to the point of ridiculousness, I’m talking about fear born out of ignorance, I’m talking about blind adherence to a religion that forces a person to dress like little house on the fucking prairie! Oh you know what I am talking about, I am talking about the mother fucking AMISH!

Look at these assholes, fucking think they own the road and shit.

Ok now you might say to me “leave them alone they aren’t hurting anyone” Fuck that! Just look at them! They think they’re so much god damn better than everyone else because they don’t use technology and aren’t going straight to hell like the rest of us. Well I say eat shit and die you black hat wearing, sturdy furniture making, pastry unto like which the gods eat making smug bastards. Frankly they do a lot of nice things I’m sure they do but god damn it just use some fucking technology every now and then. Heaven forbid they use some fucking electricity whats wrong with that? It falls from the fucking sky! Like water does! Ok I can understand not wanting to use an internal combustion engine or tv (tv will rot your fucking brains out, at least reality tv) but the internet is great look at all the good it has done. Ok so it is ninety percent porn and nine percent really weird porn but that last one percent is totally worth it. Damn it so maybe they aren’t a danger to my technogogic way of life but they are still self-satisfied smug motherfuckers just look!

Oh fuck no, you Amish fuck!


~ by AmadeusKong on January 3, 2012.

2 Responses to “Now Its Time To Pick On Those Who Will Never Know.”

  1. Fuck you asshole. The Amish lifestyle is and will always be better than the lifestyle you lead. At least they can laugh at you when you die and rot in hell, beside all your ignorant, two-faced, like-minded, idiotic friends.

  2. Omg Evan Im rofl im gonna pee my pants! Buahahahah youre so effing hilarious and did anyone ever tell you that you have a true flair for words? Lol mustve got it from me hahah love ya beast!

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