So You Say You Want A Revolution?

Ladies and Gentlemen do not be afraid this isn’t the end of the world! I am indeed back to blogging. I have been a busy man what with returning to my beloved home state and being accepted into a 4 year university so I haven’t had the free time to vent my spleen as much as I would like but recent events have driven me to such extremes that I must shout out into the wilds of the internets in hopes that someone hears.

This is almost like the internet except more steppy and no trolls.

I am of course speaking about the recent Occupy everything movement. You know what Im talking about, they’re in every major city with their signs and drum circles and their protest songs trying to effect change in our once glorious democracy. Now I suppose you might think Im going to bash on them for being liberal nuts or support them whole heartedly for being liberal nuts but frankly Im more than a little disappointed with them and I’ll tell you why.

These protestors are trying to change a system of government that is rife with corruption and filled with corporate money and how do these protestors go about trying to change things? By sitting on their asses in public places that no one was using in the first place. I keep hearing references to the Arab spring in which the arab nations had all their revolutions trying to be applied whats happening now but bitch, please. Occupy Whatever isn’t even a candle to the burning city that was the Arab spring, I’ll go into this a little more in subsequent posts and also a plan of action that I believe needs to take place to effect some real change.

Stay tuned kiddies, shit’s about to get real.


~ by AmadeusKong on October 28, 2011.

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