Revolution, You’re Doing It Wrong.

Ladies and gentlemen I told you I would write again on the subject of the recent non violent protests taking place around the united states and tonight I am going to voice my opinion, nay! I shall put forth my very own manifesto for change. It will be a call to action that will come as a whisper in the dark that will I hope light a spark of dissent in the hearts of all American citizens so that they will shrug off this mantle of apathy and oppression and demand change in the only way those corrupt officials will recognize and respect.

It was good enough for our fore fathers then it's good enough for me.

What am I talking about? I am talking about taking this protest from beyond the realms of the easily ignored peaceful demonstrations into an all out revolution leading to the toppling of a corrupt regime. Is it so impossible to think of? Was not this country founded in fire and blood? Did not righteous men and women give up their lives so that others may stand free and united? So why is it when we stand upon the precipice of real change I see everyone hesitating to do what must be done?

The revolutions of the Arab Spring should have shown us that the only way to remove the corruption that  be fouls the flesh of this country is to cut it out and cauterize the wound close. Our democracy no longer exists. We live now in a Plutocracy, where in he who has the most money makes the rules. So we must do what must be done, we must hit them where it will finally hurt them. We must take from them the wealth they covet so much and destroy it. We must become a society with out unchecked capitalistic greed! They say that money is the root of all evil but I think it is the people with too much money are the root of all evil.

Brothers and sisters, heed my call and rally forth. Let the world know that we will take our country back from these money hungry sociopaths be any means necessary. It is time to make wall street pay attention and the best way to get someones attention is to make them bleed.


~ by AmadeusKong on October 30, 2011.

2 Responses to “Revolution, You’re Doing It Wrong.”

  1. Trust the cops and provacateurs to take care of that part of things. They’d love this thing to provide ammo to discredit it all in the eyes of those not out on the streets.

    • So I take it you are one of those peace loving fellows who thinks sitting down in a public space and banging a drum in a drum circle can possibly achieve any kind of lasting change in a government that is inundated with corporate money?

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